Tariq Ali Aljowder

Chief Executive Officer

Tariq Ali Aljowder is the Chief Executive Officerof Bahrain Car Parks Company. Mr. Aljowder hasover 30 years of experience in real estate propertydevelopment and management, hospitality andleisure, government, military logistics managementand development and other industries.

After having worked with the Bahrain Defense Force leading a number of executive responsibilities for over two decades, Mr. Aljowder entered the private sector and held a number of executive positions. Throughout his career in the real estate management and development industry.

Mr. Aljowder conducted business with companies across the GCC, USA and Europe. Prior to joining the company, he was the Chief Executive Officer of Al Areen Holding Company BSC and the Chairman of its subsidiary, Al Areen Leisure and Tourism Company. He also served as a Board Director of Bahrain Property Development Association and Takamul Capital BSC.

Mr. Aljowder holds a Master degree in Business Administration from the American University, Washington DC, USA, and a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Technology Engineering from Northrop University, Los Angeles, USA.