Located in an area known for its attractive vibrant artistic energy

Block 338 continues to attract locals and tourists extensively, growing steadily to become the go-to destination for culture and dining in the Kingdom.

01/ 05


Monthly parking and lease of offices and F&B outlets is available in this location, you may contact us for more details.


Road 3801, Adliya

Parking Spaces


Hourly rate for up to 2 hours

BD 0.500 / hour

Hourly rate for over 2 hours

BD 1.000 / hour

Opening hours

24 hours a day,
7 days a week

With its strategic location in the busiest part of Adliya, this project is carefully designed with an aim to offer a unique development in the area, standing out from its peers by providing two key components that drive Block 338; fine dining and convenient parking under one roof.